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March 27, 2008

$4 gasoline and 4,000 troops: The Not So -- Hidden Costs of Oil

Ethanol: Fact vs. Myth

Learn the truth about ethanol...

The Hidden Cost of Oil

A tribute to Milton Copulos (1947-2008).

Milton Copulos was a Vietnam war hero, a colleague in the fight for the development of alternative fuels, an advocate of ethanol and biofuels, and an energy security visionary. His work through the National Defense Council Foundation  on the “Hidden Costs of Oil” will always remain a very thoughtful analysis that will help consumers quantify what they are really paying for gasoline when the multitude of indirect costs that do not appear at the pump are added.

Elements of the “Hidden Cost of Oil” include:

  • The Cost of Oil-Related Defense Expenditures.
  • The Loss Current Economic Activity Due to Capital Outflow.
  • The Loss of Domestic Investment.
  • The Loss of Government Revenues.
  • The Cost of Period Oil Supply Disruptions.

When combined, these “hidden” elements amounted to consumers paying over $5 per gallon of gasoline and the economy taking a $825 BILLION annual loss – in 2006!  Those costs are no longer hidden as they are appearing on retail gasoline signs along our highways and in our national headlines.  Consumers are paying much for gasoline then they know or may care to admit.

Mr. Copulos’ The Hidden Cost of Oil: an Update and America's Achilles Heel, The Hidden Cost of Imported Oil, his testimony before Congress, and a National Security briefing he prepared for then Texas Governor George Bush can all be found on the homepage of the National Defense Council Foundation at www.ndcf.org.

"You are a warrior for freedom, I appreciate your relentless drive to work for the betterment of all mankind" Then-Governor George W. Bush


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