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January 02, 2008

Welcome to the Clean Fuels Development Coalition Blog

Ethanol: Fact vs. Myth

Learn the truth about ethanol...

My name is Burl Haigwood and on behalf of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition (CFDC), I’d like to welcome you to the new Clean Fuels Development Blog.  I’m excited by the opportunity to start this blog and be the host of what I hope will be an active and engaged community of interested readers looking to further the discussion on issues impacting the development of alternative transportation fuels in the United States.

The history of alternative fuels in this country is a complex and interconnected story complete with economic, environmental, political, and scientific challenges to its success.  I’ve been working to advocate alternative fuels for over 25 years and will provide my insight on the ways these challenges contribute to – and in some cases detract from – the real and important value that renewable fuels like ethanol offer our country.

The objective of this blog is to generate discussion on alternative transportation fuel issues as they relate to energy, environmental, economic, national, and personal security. We want to give you new analysis and fresh perspectives that may not be offered as widely in other research outlets. In addition, this blog will provide the public with valuable context to the real issues that can impact the development of clean burning and domestically produced fuels.  Specific attention will be given to ethanol, other renewable transportation fuels, flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs), emerging cellulosic technologies, as well as the related consumer and public policy issues that will be discussed in the media for years to come.

Energy and environmental issues, especially issues concerning transportation fuels, are multifaceted and complex. They are highly charged and emotional topics for industry, government and consumers – and therefore the media. We believe the creation and passage of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA07) is a tremendous and positive political feat for our nation and a significant economic development opportunity for every region of the country.  The passage of the EISA07 serves as the impetus for CFDC to start this blog and publicly log the hurdles and achievements of this historic legislation.

EISA07 represents a great success story for democracy, capitalism and diplomacy – and our Nation’s energy future. With this legislative achievement behind us, the real work still lies ahead.  I’m excited about the potential for 2008 and feel we’re now at a point where the promise of creating real change is finally at hand and truly attainable.

Now you know where I stand. I invite you to take part in our conversation by offering your opinions and insights into the national debate on alternative fuels discussed in our Clean Fuels Development Blog.


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I hope this info is spread all over the net so all can know how ethanol can help this nation.


Glad to see a forum and central point of contact regarding biofuels in general. It's a big topic. Hopefully it will have a big following.

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